South Belfast Roundtable

South Belfast Partnership Board responded in 2004 to a number of racist attacks in South Belfast by convening a widely endorsed South Belfast Roundtable. Since its inception it has worked to reduce racism and promote diversity by creating a space for discussion and by bringing to the table a holistic mix of the community, voluntary and statutory sectors which collectively have an interest in supporting the communities in South Belfast to eliminate racism and promote diversity.
The 85 groups involved include representatives from minority ethnic groups, the local communities, church and political leaders, the police, voluntary and community groups and representatives of statutory bodies.   The Roundtable seeks to break down barriers by providing a forum for groups to exchange information and discuss issues central to tackling racism and promoting diversity. The development of better communication, co-operation and action within and between communities is central to its future success.

In July 2012, the Roundtable project was established as an independent, self governing organisation, rather than remaining as a project of the South Belfast Partnership.  Although this marks the end of our formal responsibility for the Roundtable's work, we nevertheless will continue to work in partnership with the South Belfast Roundtable as we seek to reduce inequalities and address the issues relating to racism and community relations throughout South Belfast.
For further information relating to the work of the South Belfast Roundtable, please contact Stephanie Mitchell (0754 893 8508) directly by email.