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About Us

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South Belfast Partnership Board works to strengthen and better target the efforts being made by local residents, community and voluntary organisations, the private sector and Government to promote and improve the quality of life for all those who live in, work in and visit the south of the City.  Find out more about us and the work we are involved with across South Belfast.

Explore South Belfast

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Uncover the unique community stories and explore Belfast’s rich cultural diversity.

Latest News

Spring Gathering Festival 2017

SBPB is working with partners to bring a Spring Gathering Festival to the Rugby Road area on Friday 17th March

South Belfast Spring Senior's Festival

A festival celebrating those who took part in the community health programmes

Pre-School Application - Guidelines

Pre-school education is not statutory. It is designed for children in the year immediately before they enter P1, although a limited number of places may be available for younger children in some centres (nursery schools only) where providers are under subscribed. Underage children cannot avail of a funded place in a voluntary/private provider.